Chantal Stigliani Pianiste


Disposing a very pleasant space in the centre of Paris, Chantal Stigliani has decided to keep it alive by founding an association PHILOMUSES where it has as a goal to serve the Arts in all forms: music, plastic arts, poetry, literature, theatre.

Reserved uniquely for the professionals or the young talents at the beginning of their carrier, this studio, which houses a demanding quality, is an exceptional space to stimulate the creation or simply a place to discover a curious and warm public of extreme perception.

She is dedicated to the very young and she likes to develop as early as possible their perception their sensibility in art. Chantal Stigliani has created the studios for children’s of 4-8 years old where every week they enter in a new domain: Music, history of art, dance, and mime.

Noel Pasquier

Les Eléments

Marie Sallantin

La compagnie de Vénus

Juliette Crozier

Rythm colors


Maxence de Bagneux

Alain Guillon

Naftali Rakuzin

La Bibliothèque


Maurice Arnold

Thérèse Boucraut


Alexandre Raykoff

Le langage universel


Catherine Bourdon-Marçais

Igor Chelkovski

France Alvin

Les traces du temps


Henri de Quatrebarbes

Jia Juan Li


Dominique Armilhon


Sylvie Koenig

Joëlle Poitral

Nicole Lombard


Pierre de Chevilly

Kwon Sun Ran


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