Chantal Stigliani Pianiste


The most marking event of her musical life was the encounter with Yvonne Lefebure. This born pedagogue who knew how to narrate the artistic explosion at the beginning of the 20th century she had met and gone along by their side of  Faure, Debussy, Ravel, Dukas and others, she was the direct oral tradition of this unique musical metamorphose. In our days is paramount to respect the French spirit, so particular and so distinguish different to other countries.

With a natural and warm character, Chantal Stigliani likes the dialogue with her students, searching with them how to express the music that they carry with them with their proper breath always respecting the style and the form.

Familiar with the complete work for clavier of J.S. Bach her sense of architecture was stimulated by the base of the biggest professor of all times from whom all the big successors come: Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin.. etc

She is regularly invited to different countries to give Master classes where she is very popular with the students and the public appreciates her vivid classes. She is member of the jury in different international competitions.

55, quai des grands Augustins - 75006 Paris - tÚl : 01 43 26 44 81 - e-mail :